Yearly archives: 2015

The colours of 2016

“Edition 11” is this year’s influential colour design catalogue for 2016 from Azkonobel, owners of Dulux. Newspapers will talk about a “Colour of the Year’ for 2016, but the catalogue is a lavishly-produced design tour de force aimed at designers in just about every industry you can think of, and it influences everything from vehicle paint to lipstick. While “My Gold” is featured as a defining shade for …[Read More]

Dealing with lead paint in London properties

It’s not uncommon to find London properties still painted with old lead-based paint. Sometimes properties haven’t been redecorated since the 1960’s, but more often older lead paint has simply been over-coated with more recent gloss or eggshell. Despite its dangers, lead paint was very popular with decorators because of its smooth, durable finish and the fact that it would go on in a very thick layer …[Read More]

Adding value to houses in London

As London house prices maintain their strength, new types of improvements are becoming fashionable. One recent announcement from skylight manufacturers Sunsquare suggested that a skylight could add £50,000 to the value of a property in the capital for an outlay of £5,000. Two separate surveys, by peer-to-peer lenders Zopa and the Daily Telegraph (who spoke to Estate Agents) compared the value of more traditional improvements, with interesting …[Read More]

Decorating a Bedroom

We (hopefully) spend about a third of our lives in bed, so getting the bedroom right is important. As Autumn approaches it may be a good time to put some thought into the subject. Subtle colouring, and coordination with fabrics, including curtains, has been made easier with the various online tools now available (see our earlier item about the Dulux Visualiser here). But there is …[Read More]

Popular and cost-effective home improvements – survey

A recent study of home improvement trends from Barclays gives some interesting pointers to cost-effective home improvements. Over half (53%) of UK homeowners choose to make improvements to add value to their homes rather than move to a new property, and home improvements add on average £31,000 to a property if sold within 12 months. The Home Improvement Report 2015 is based on a survey …[Read More]

Visualiser lets you see your home in new colours

If you own a tablet, or even a smartphone, the Dulux Visualiser App (for iOS and Android) is well worth a try when you’re thinking about redecoration. The App will show you – quite accurately – how your room will look in whatever combination of paint colours you want. In fact, it lets you virtually paint your walls without a tester pot in sight. The …[Read More]

Ideas with wallpaper

Recent years have seen a revival in the use of wallpaper, particularly for feature walls and to complement plain painted walls. Well done, the effect works well and avoids a starkness that plain flat walls can create. The range of wallpapers available is vast, from organic materials to advanced plastics, along with a revival of handmade traditional paper. They can be very suitable for both contemporary …[Read More]

Choosing paint finishes

Paint finishes, from matt to gloss, have different characteristics – understanding them can be useful and may affect your choice. Paint is made of: PIGMENT to provide color, cover the underlying surface, and give ultra-violet protection BINDER to hold the pigment together after drying, provide adhesion, and carry the pigment. Different binders will affect the durability of end product. THINNER to help control consistency and …[Read More]

Getting a house ready for sale

January is the busiest month of the year for house sales, if you believe the local Estate Agents. With mortgage approvals moving back to pre-crash levels, the housing market has come alive again.If you are putting a property on the market, there is a wealth of advice on preparing it for the best sale value. Investing a little on decoration can repay the effort many times over. We often …[Read More]