Monthly archives: May 2017

New design app for architects and specifiers

We recently featured the latest version of Dulux’s tablet or phone-based colour-picking app, aimed at home users. Now a comparable app has been produced for professionals. Architects, designers and specifiers can use the new app to research and create a full coatings specification from a mobile device following the launch of a new app from Dulux owners AkzoNobel.  The Design app allows users to develop a …[Read More]

What is quality in paint?

We are sometimes asked about the difference between brand-name paints and cheaper alternatives. Although marketing plays a part in pricing, the differences are important. It is far from just being marketing hype. Vinyl and Matt Paint is composed of Pigments (for colour and coverage), Resins (for strength), Solvents (to make the paint liquid) and Additives (including things like fungicide). Resins give paint a degree of …[Read More]