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Due to rising costs of labour and materials we are no longer able to carry out small decorating projects under the value of £1000 + VAT

Architects, Surveyors and Property Managers

Bulger Wicks Decorating

Internal & External

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We work with Professional Architects, Surveyors and Property Managers

We often work with directly with architects and are happy to be flexible about our scheduling to fit in with other works and with tight dealines when needed.

We are well used to working to specification, but can also draw up and propose detailed specifications where required.

Professional clients, Building Surveyors and Management Companies:

  • Pell Frischmann
  • Friend & Falcke
  • Anita Sen Architects
  • Abbott Management
  • Becker Grossmith
  • Dauntons Soar
  • Blenheims Estate & Asset Management
  • Gateway Property Management
  • Spencer Architecture
  • Crabtree Property Management
  • Hughes Jay & Panter
  • Richard Birchall Associates
  • Harold Blackburn Associates
  • Hann Graham Solicitors
  • Hamlin Iles & Crago
  • John C. Vaughan
  • Ian Hyman & Co.
  • Dinwiddie MacLaren Architects
  • RPM Property Management
  • Applegate Ltd.
  • Snellers Property Management
  • Sheraton Davis Associates
  • Hugh Broughton Architects
  • Richard Philo & Associates
  • Harris & Co.
  • Hurst Managements
  • First Asset Management
  • J.M.Property Management
  • CTA Surveyors
  • Greendawn Ltd.
  • Hamptons International
  • Maxwell Hutchinson Architect
  • Flats & General Management
  • Montalt Property Services
  • Sandrove Brahams
  • ARH Associates
  • Monobright Ltd.
  • Property Consultancy Ltd.
  • Arkleygate
  • True Associates
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