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The colours of 2016

“Edition 11” is this year’s influential colour design catalogue for 2016 from Azkonobel, owners of Dulux.

Newspapers will talk about a “Colour of the Year’ for 2016, but the catalogue is a lavishly-produced design tour de force aimed at designers in just about every industry you can think of, and it influences everything from vehicle paint to lipstick.

While “My Gold” is featured as a defining shade for the coming year, the book identifies four key trends:

Archive – a combination of past and future – about deconstructing, organizing and archiving elements of the past to inspire the future 

Obscura – where dark and light are equally important – inspired by the daily transition of night and day

Upgrade – where emotion and technology meet – about breaking free from our busy lives and adding a human touch to hi-tech developments – balancing between the power of image and words – an expressive trend about glorious imperfection

You can get a more detailed look at the trends at Azkonobel’s website here.

Stephie Sijssens, Color Design Manager for AkzoNobel Performance Coatings, says: “Our team searches the world for the latest in design. We translate these into four key trends, eight palettes and 72 colour effects and textures. We want to inspire our industrial customers and together develop the colours, effects and textures for the products of the future.”

AzkoNobel carries out detailed market research to develop the guide and combines that with input from external design experts. The key word for the latest trends guide is ‘transition’. “It’s about finding a balance between extremes to create change from within,” continues Sijssens.

“This trend is epitomized by ‘My Gold’, which makes a timeless, yet personal statement. It has the brilliance to turn heads, but also combines extremely well with other shades, such as classic black and white, or new neutrals like dark tones and soft pastels.”

Of course, when the time does come for you to redecorate, we will be happy to give you our best advice in any colour and an excellent decorating job as well.

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