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The perfect time for painting the exterior of your property

It may seem too obvious to state, but summer is by far the best time to get the outside of your property painted.

Besides the obvious reasons such as dry weather, longer days, more light, and better temperatures, there are some other points worth taking into account.

From a decorator’s perspective, the increased chance of consecutive dry weather means that drying times are shorter and more predictable. Primers and Undercoats are more likely to stay clean and dry. This also means that your job may be completed more quickly.

Dry conditions are also good for the wood. Wood that has been dried by wind and sun will allow fillers to make better contact.

It is rarely a problem in London, but we do have to keep an eye out for too much heat. Temperatures much above  30ºC / 85°F can dry the paint too quickly to work, prevent the paint bonding to the surface and lead to blistering. Temperature blisters occur on the surface of the paint within a few hours, or even one or two days after painting. They occur when a thin dry skin has formed on the outer surface of the fresh paint, and liquid underlying paint turns to vapour and cannot escape.

We can overcome this by painting early in the morning or later in the afternoon, depending on the direction the wall faces. Starting to paint on west-facing walls and moving through the day to east-facing walls is sometimes a useful strategy.

One last advantage of painting the exterior of your property in summer, particularly in London, is the fact that you can get outside to enjoy the new look.

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With best wishes

Marlon Bulger
Production Director Bulger Wicks
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