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Tools for choosing decorating colours

Many people want to be a bit more daring when it is time to redecorate, but worry about that colour schemes might not turn out as they hoped or be easy to live with. In London we have many traditions to choose from, so there are few ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ decorating choices. The most important thing, of course, is whether you are happy living with the choice.

Colour choices from paint manufacturers are now almost infinite. Technology to scan and mix colours means that pretty much anything is possible. Fortunately tools to help choose colours are now also common, even down to Apps for your phone.

You can, for example, easily see re-coloured pictures of your room, or get suggestions of colour schemes to match a carpet of piece of furniture. Getting paint mixed to exactly match something is also possible now with Tint-On-Demand technology.

Not surprisingly this is resulting in more individual, and braver, colour choices. Regrettable colour choices  are thankfully much less frequent.

We generally use Dulux paints and find their online system for colour-choosing and matching very workable.

If, for example, you want to base your colour scheme around the colours of a carpet you can upload a photograph of the carpet, including in the photograph a colour frame which Dulux will provide free of charge (the colour frame enables different lighting colours to be allowed for).

From there, you can view your room in any number of different colour schemes.

Tint-On-Demand machines will create as little as one can of your chosen colour by combining colorants. Typically machines will have between 12 and 18 different colourants available, with precise computer-controlled valves to get the mix exactly right. The latest machines will offer either an economical match or a precise match, adjust the amounts of colorant depending on the type of base (emulsion, eggshell, gloss, etc), and even calculate the amount of paint required to cover the required area. Broken colours and other special effects are also available.

Unless you are using a professional interior designer, these tools are well worth the effort. We are always happy to offer advice on making the most of them.

If you are considering work on your property, we are more than happy to offer free advice, and welcome the chance to offer you our detailed quotation for the work.

With best regards
Marlon Bulger
Production Director
Bulger Wicks

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