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Painting and Decorating in West London

West London is the region of Greater London, north of the River Thames, and to the west of the City of London. Back in the 17th century, West London grew and developed following the construction of Westminster Abbey at Thorney Island. West London became a popular region for the more affluent residents, mainly due to the fact that the smoke and stench from the poorer inner city areas of the time, generally blew away to the east. The area includes a number of affluent boroughs including Richmond and Harrow, most of which contain high end and highly valuable properties.

Our offices are in West London and we do jobs throughout the centre of town from there. Our teams work throughout West London and areas such as Chelsea, Kensington, Richmond, and Hammersmith. We provide a complete service for residential and commercial building painting and decoration on both interiors and exteriors.

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"Their painting and carpentry is a really high standard, they are superfast and competitively priced."

Rebecca M. - TW9

"very impressed with the quality of the work, universally polite and willing to do the best job possible"

Mrs P.H. - SW7

Commercial Painting and Decorating in West London

Here at Bulger Wicks, we offer high quality painting and decorating services, to a wide range of commercial property owners across West London. Our teams of highly skilled professional painters, and decorators have the knowledge and equipment to ensure your West London property is maintained to the very highest of standards. Bulger Wicks - your professional commercial decorators

Looking after any commercial property is very important, and can quite literally effect your businesses bottom line. If you own a retail property in West London, having both the interior and exterior regularly decorated is key to enticing shoppers initially into your store, and then inspiring them to spend their hard earned cash.

If your West London Business is an office or factory, regular painting and decorating is equally important. It is a known fact that staff will be happier and more productive in a bright, fresh, and clean environment.

Commercial Painting and Decorating West London

Exterior Painting and Decorating in West London

Many remember the awful smog in London back in the 1960’s. Due to adverse weather conditions fog and smoke combined, to make a real pea souper that you could hardly see through. What the pollution and weather also do, and have done for hundreds of years is to attack the exterior of West London properties, making regular maintenance and decoration an absolute must.

Here at Bulger Wicks, we recognise the importance of regularly decorating the exterior of your West London home. We also appreciate that proper preparation of the brick, stone, wood, and metal on the exterior of a property makes all the difference. Quite literally painting over the cracks just won’t do. Our teams of professional painters and decorators will clean and carefully repair, and prepare all external surfaces, before finishing them using only the best quality materials available. Cutting corners will cost in the long run and we just don’t do that. For any form of exterior decorating, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Exterior Painter and Decorator West London

Interior Painting and Decorating in West London

There is no better feeling that when your home has been freshly decorated. You can sit back and enjoy the wonderful clean and fresh surroundings, and proudly show off your West London home to your visitors. Regular painting and decorating of these prestigious West London properties is a must, no more so that when the owner is putting their property on the market.. Burler Wicks are expert interior decorators

Did you know that a professionally decorated property in West London will command up to a 15% higher selling price than an undecorated, or DIY decorated property? We all know the value of West London properties and if you do the maths, you’ll quickly understand that the extra income from the higher selling price, far outweighs the cost of calling in the professionals to decorate your home, before putting it on the market.

Here at Bulger Wicks, we have the professional decorators and high quality materials required the take your West London home to the next level, and if you’re planning on selling it, we can help you get the very best price possible.

Interior Painter and Decorator West London

Academic Institutions Painting and Decorating in West London

Just like commercial properties, the standard of both the internal and external decoration of academic institutions can quite literally inspire students and teachers alike. Fresh and clean corridors, halls, and colourful classrooms really can inspire students to take their learning to the next level.

Clever use of texture and colour throughout a school, college, or university, really can help the institution stand out, and attract high end students from around the world. For school painting and decorating, call Bulger Wicks

Exterior School Painter and Decorator West London
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