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School Painter & Decorator Kensington & Chelsea

Kensington & Chelsea, or The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea giving it it’s full title, is an inner London Borough which has been given Royal status. It is a highly affluent region of London. It is densely populated, being the smallest borough in London and the second smallest in England. It contains a number of prestigious educational establishments, including Hill House Preparatory School which was attended by King Charles the Third.

At Bulger Wicks, we recognise the exceptional reputation of schools in Kensington & Chelsea as some of the most sought-after and prestigious educational institutions worldwide. Consequently, these establishments demand a very high level of painting and decorating to create an environment conducive to learning and growth for their students and staff.

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"Their painting and carpentry is a really high standard, they are superfast and competitively priced."

Rebecca M. - TW9

"very impressed with the quality of the work, universally polite and willing to do the best job possible"

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About Us

We know the complexity and expertise required for painting and decorating schools in Kensington & Chelsea, and through meticulous planning and preparation, we aim to deliver a beautiful finish that will endure for many years to come.

Undertaking the task of painting and decorating schools in Kensington & Chelsea requires intricate craftsmanship and expertise. The initial step in any painting and decorating project involves assessing the condition of the existing walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and windows. This assessment allows for necessary repairs or replacements to be carried out before commencing with the painting or decorating process. Subsequently, selecting the appropriate type of paint is crucial. It is essential to opt for a durable and visually appealing paint that ensures excellent coverage without the risk of cracking or peeling over time.

Moreover, careful consideration must be given to the colour scheme of each room to avoid any clashes with the school's interior design. At Bulger Wicks, we collaborate closely with our clients to determine the best and most fitting approach for their specific institution. Prior to commencing the painting process, thorough surface preparation is essential. This includes filling cracks or holes, sanding rough surfaces, and removing any remnants of old wallpaper or paint. Once all the necessary preparations have been completed, it is time to start the painting process.

Health and Safety

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to painting and decorating schools in Kensington & Chelsea. It is imperative to use non-toxic materials that are free from lead-based paints or other hazardous substances. Prolonged exposure to such substances can pose significant health risks to both students and staff members. Additionally, adequate ventilation systems should be installed throughout the premises to prevent the accumulation of fumes from paints and chemicals indoors, as this can lead to respiratory difficulties for individuals who are sensitive.

Depending on the size of the room, this process may take several hours to several days. Larger rooms may necessitate multiple coats of paint to achieve a professional finish. At Bulger Wicks, we understand that having decorators on-site can cause minimal disruption, which we strive to minimize. Once the work is finished, our team ensures the highest standards of cleanliness, leaving behind a clean, fresh, and newly decorated space.

Commercial School Decorator Kensington & Chelsea

Why Choose Bulger Wicks?

We offer a comprehensive painting and decorating service for schools in Kensington & Chelsea, encompassing both interior and exterior works. Our capabilities range from projects valued at £1000 to £250,000, allowing us to assist with anything from painting a single classroom to redecorating the entire school. Furthermore, we can create detailed specifications for each job and provide fixed-price quotations for all work.

Schools in Kensington & Chelsea can benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in painting and decorating. We understand the significance of creating a safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing environment for both students and staff. With over 40 years of experience working in schools across London, our team of highly skilled painters and decorators possesses the knowledge and skills to provide a professional service.

We exclusively use only premium trade paints, such as Dulux Trade products, for our school projects in Kensington & Chelsea. This ensures an enduring, top-quality finish that will withstand the test of time. Moreover, we have nurtured a longstanding partnership with Dulux (Akzo Nobel), granting us access to their technical advisors who are readily available to assist us and our esteemed clients with any technical concerns or inquiries. A simple phone call or email connects us to their invaluable expertise.

Exterior Painter and Decorator Kensington & Chelsea

Why Choose Us

When it comes to safety, we prioritize it extensively in our work within schools. All members of our team undergo Enhanced DBS checks, and we maintain £20 million Public & Employers Liability insurance to ensure peace of mind. We provide all necessary risk assessments and method statements before initiating any project, guaranteeing the execution of work in a safe manner. Additionally, we supervise our team in-house to maintain cleanliness and tidiness on-site throughout and after the project, while ensuring timely completion with exceptional results.

Additionally, we provide all powered access, scaffolding, or towers essential for the project. This enables us to complete tasks promptly while upholding our unwavering commitment to quality and safety standards. Should any repair requirements arise during the painting process, our proficient team of general tradesmen and carpenters will adeptly address them. This comprehensive service spares you the inconvenience of sourcing separate tradesmen, and given that they are part of our team, we assure you they maintain the highest standards of workmanship.

Being a family-owned company, many of our team members have been dedicated to our cause for a decade or even longer, ensuring consistent support throughout your project. At Bulger Wicks, we deeply appreciate the significance of crafting an inviting environment within educational settings. Therefore, we are relentless in our pursuit of delivering the utmost service excellence when it comes to school painting and decorating in Kensington & Chelsea.

If you are tasked with finding a professional and reliable painting and decorating company for your Kensington & Chelsea-based school, we urge you to contact us without delay. Equipped with extensive experience, expertise, a highly skilled team, and cutting-edge equipment, we are ready and waiting to execute the job to the highest standards, without exception.

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