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Hammersmith Painting and Decorating

Hammersmith in London is known as a commercial centre for the capital, although it is also home to some amazing private residences. Famous for the Hammersmith Apollo, and birthplace of famous actor Tom Hardy, Hammersmith was also described in the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations.

If you live in Hammersmith, you have a right to great expectations when it comes to having your property internally and externally decorated too. Business owners in the area also have the right to the very highest standards of decoration for their commercial premisses, as do those responsible for public spaces in Hammersmith. Whatever property you own in Hammersmith, we at Bulger Wicks have the experience and a team that will provide the very highest standards of service every time, without exception.

We wouldn’t just arrive, paint and decorate, and leave your property in Hammersmith. We meet with our potential customers to discuss their requirements and expectations. We also share our experience with them to help point them in the right direction when it comes to colours, materials, and finish. And on the subject of materials, we use only the highest quality ones that will provide the very best finish and longevity.

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"Their painting and carpentry is a really high standard, they are superfast and competitively priced."

Rebecca M. - TW9

"very impressed with the quality of the work, universally polite and willing to do the best job possible"

Mrs P.H. - SW7

Exterior Painter and Decorator Hammersmith

When decorating the exterior of any premises the key to ensuring the very best and long-lasting finish is preparation. We all know the five ‘P’ saying “proper preparation prevents poor performance” and it is never more so that when decorating the exterior of a building. Slapping a coat of paint on stonework, brickwork, woodwork, or metalwork just won’t do! It simply covers up problems that will continue to develop under the surface.

At Bulger Wicks, our team of skilled professionals know that surface preparation is key, and they know exactly how to do it correctly. It is the same process whether the surface is metal, stone, wood, or brick: clean the surface and remove all lose debris and old paint. Prepare the surface with an undercoat. Apply a high-quality topcoat. Property owners in Hammersmith should always ensure they are employing professional painters and decorators, who do the job right with the best quality materials every time.

First impressions really do last, and that is certainly the case when it comes to the exterior of your property in Hammersmith. Particularly when it comes to prospective buyers visiting, the quality of finish of the exterior of the property will quite literally increase its value when it comes to sale time.

Exterior Painter and Decorator Hammersmith

Interior Painting and Decorating Hammersmith

Is your Hammersmith property in need of some TLC? Does the decoration look rather tired due to wear and tear? Are you a little embarrassed when visitors call by? Are you thinking of selling your hammersmith property? If the answer to one or more of these questions is “yes”, it’s time to give Bulger Wicks a call.

Our team of professionals will work swiftly through your property keeping mess and downtime to a minimum, whilst maintaining the very highest quality of finish. We will clean prepare and gloss your woodwork, clean prepare and paint your walls and plasterwork, and hang beautiful wallpaper to create feature walls, partially papered or fully papered rooms.

Depending upon the layout of your Hammersmith property, the open plan kitchen and living space, or the living room are often the centre of the home, where family members congregate to chat, eat and socialise. Our skilled team can work with you to ensure this important part of the home is a warm, inviting, and pleasant space to spend your time and entertain guests.

Interior Painter and Decorator Hammersmith

Hammersmith Commercial Painter and Decorator

If you own or operate your business in a Hammersmith property, you will appreciate just how important it is to keep the décor clean and fresh, particularly in places open to the public. If you are a store owner, it is important to appreciate that the right type and style of décor in your shop, as well as its cleanliness, has a direct effect upon both bringing potential customers through the door, and then inspiring them to buy your products.

Public and academic properties in Hammersmith can also benefit from professional commercial painting and decorating services. Clean, inspiring and up to date decoration can actually have a direct effect upon how students perform in academic institutions. Imagine trying to learn in a dirty and dingy environment, compared to a clean and beautifully decorated one. The latter can quite literally be inspiring.

Commercial Painting and Decorating Hammersmith
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