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Window repair – the right way, so it lasts

Photos: Window repairs at a property at Grove Park Road in Chiswick – the repair system is guaranteed for 10 years but with proper maintenance will last very much longer than that.

We frequently find properties in London where windows are suffering from their continued exposure to the elements. Replacement can often be avoided with the Repair Care system.

BulgerWicks are approved suppliers of the Repair Care International system for window repairs. We have found their system is far superior to the alternatives and the closest thing you can get to new windows – at a fraction of the price and disruption.

Traditional pre-paint joinery repairs, such as splicing and filling are expensive, time consuming and frequently fail, leading to costly premature paint breakdown and further timber decay. With the Repair Care system we can achieve durable, permanent repairs using flexible epoxy resin. This allows large and small repairs, including complex moulded profiles, to be quickly and easily achieved.

Joinery Inspection

An accurate joinery survey is usually the first step. It is often better and cheaper to repair in situ – a particularly important point in conservation areas where replacement can only be a last resort.

We begin by inspecting (as far as possible without erecting scaffolding):

  • The overall condition of the decorative coating.
  • Areas of decay.
  • Moisture ingress due to design and construction issues.
  • Condition of the glazing lines.
  • All timber substrates agreed at the pre-inspection meeting, which may include doors, windows, fascias, barge boards, garage doors etc.
  • The condition of construction joints.
  • Additional areas of timber degradation, including splits and shakes, knots, grey degraded timber etc.

We give an approximate indication of cost.

When access is available our carpenters begin by removing all rot (infected timber) including ‘soft’ areas and denatured grey timber that is degrading into loose strands. Sometimes rot travels behind a seemingly intact paint skin and this must also be removed. We end up with sound, hard timber. Then we can repair.

Traditional repairs have similar requirements, but need more timber removal as they have to end up with straight square cut lines. The Repair Care system enables odd shapes to be properly filled and retains more of the existing sound timber.

We charge £40 per hour, plus materials and parking and VAT, with one-way travel from London W3. We keep time sheets so our bills are accurate., and our final bill is usually well within our estimate. On occasions when an estimate will be exceeded we will let you know in advance as the extent of rot is exposed.

If you are considering any decorating work on your property in or around London we are more than happy to offer free advice. We welcome the chance to offer you our detailed quotation for the work. For a window inspection call us now on 020 8994 4455.
With best regards
Marlon Bulger
Production Director
Bulger Wicks

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