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An autumn checklist for your property


Cold and damp are the two things that will most quickly expose problems in your property.

Before the autumn really sets in, we recommend a check of several important points. The effort needed to prevent damage is much less than the cost of repair.

1) Check the gutters and downpipes. If there is any blockage, get them cleaned.

2) Make sure pipes are lagged and insulated.

3) If you have a water butt it should be either well insulated or drained: water expands on freezing and this has more than enough power to crack the butt wide open.

4) Make sure paths are clean of mould and moss and washed down. These can be treacherous during winter time.

5) Check any outside lights, and replace any bulbs if necessary.

6) If you have an open fire, it is best to get the chimney swept and ensure that smoke or fumes can easily escape.

7) Store any garden equipment such as strimmers, mowers etc. in a dry area.

8) External paintwork should be looked at now, so that any damaged areas can be repaired. Once water gets into the woodwork it can lead to very expensive problems.

9) Make a list of the things that you think need doing around the house, and call a reputable, local tradesman to take a look and give advice.

If you are considering any decorating work on your property in or around London we are more than happy to offer free advice. This is a prime season for interior decorating and a very good chance to give the interior a make-over before the long winter nights.

We welcome the chance to offer you our detailed quotation for the work. For a window inspection call us now on 020 8994 4455.

With best regards
Marlon Bulger
Production Director
Bulger Wicks

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