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Painting and Decorating in Central London

Central London is the innermost part of the City of London, containing a number of London Boroughs. When we think of Central London, many world famous landmarks come to mind including the Royal Palaces, The Houses of Parliament, The Tate Gallery, and The British Museum to name just a few. Central London also contains many affluent domestic and commercial properties as well. One thing all of these buildings have in common is that they need to be cared for, inside and out through regular maintenance and decoration. This is where Bulger Wicks comes in. We have teams of highly skilled and experienced painters and decorators, with many years of experience in working on these impressive and valuable buildings.

Our offices are in West London and we do jobs throughout the centre of town from there. Our teams work throughout Central London and areas such as Chiswick, Kensington, Mayfair, Pimlico, Belgravia, Chelsea, Fulham and out into Surrey and the West. We provide a complete service for residential and commercial building painting and decoration on both interiors and exteriors.

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"Their painting and carpentry is a really high standard, they are superfast and competitively priced."

Rebecca M. - TW9

"very impressed with the quality of the work, universally polite and willing to do the best job possible"

Mrs P.H. - SW7

Commercial Painting and Decorating

Whether you have a retail outlet or an office building in Central London, the positive effects of regular professional painting and decorating are the same. Potential shoppers will walk on by, if the exterior of your Central London shop is shabby and the paintwork looks tired. A beautifully decorated and inviting shop front is a totally different matter. It will draw in shoppers ready to spend their hard earned cash. Similarly, a badly decorated or unkempt shop interior will turn the shoppers right off, whereas a bright, fresh, professionally decorated interior will have them reaching for their purses and wallets in droves. If you have an office in Central London, professional painting and decorating can have a very positive effect upon your workforce. Nobody likes working in a shabby, dingy office, whereas a bright, freshly decorated office will make your staff feel happy, and valued and will quite literally increase their productivity. Bulger Wicks - your professional commercial decorators

Commercial Painting and Decorating Central London

Exterior Painting and Decorating

Back in the bad old days, pollution in many cities including Central London was rife. It was literally eating away at the exterior of many of the beautiful buildings. Although the smog has gone and the air is much cleaner, pollution is still around, and that coupled with the good old British weather, means that the exterior of buildings in Central London still need to be taken care of. Here at Bulger Wicks, we have teams of professional painters and decorators, with all of the right equipment, and highest quality products to ensure the exterior of your Central London property will be decorated to the very highest standard. Our Decorating experts know that the key to correctly decorating the exterior of any property is preparation and products. Be it stone, brick, metal, or wood, the surface must be cleaned thoroughly and then primed and finished with the best quality products. We never scrimp on our products at Bulger Wicks because we know that in the long run, it’s a false economy. For any advice on exterior decorating, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Interior Painter and Decorator Central London

Interior Painting and Decorating

We all love it when the inside of our home is freshly decorated. It makes it a great place to live and to be proud of when guests call by. Most of us have done a bit of DIY decorating in the past, but we can never match that amazing sharp finish that a professional painter and decorator can create. Here at Bulger Wicks we have the skills and knowhow to make your home look amazing. And if you are planning on selling your home, certainly in Central London, the cost of having it professionally painted and decorated, represents a tiny fraction of the additional sales price you can command, compared to a poorly decorated or shabby property. Burler Wicks are expert interior decorators

Exterior Painter and Decorator Central London

Painting and Decorating Public Buildings

Central London contains a lot of public buildings. What all public buildings have in common is a high footfall. A byproduct of high footfall in any building is higher than average wear and tear. Hallways, walls, and doors will all become scuffed and damaged, and in no time at all, a public building can begin to look quite shabby. This is where Bulger Wickes comes in. Our teams of skilled painters and decorators can work on public buildings out of hours, to minimise disruption. We work closely with the authorities to ensure their requirements and expectations are met in full, each and every time.

Exterior School Painter and Decorator Central London
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