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South London Painting and Decorating

The region of South London is all of the area of London, south of the River Thames. It covers a sizeable area, and many London Boroughs including, Greenwich, Lambeth, Richmond and Southwark, just to name a few. What many of the South London Boroughs have in common, is that they contain many affluent domestic properties, commercial properties, and academic institutions. All of these properties, no matter what their use, will require interior and exterior decoration. Here at Bulger Wicks, we have the skills, experience, and professional painters and decorators, to take good care of your South London property.

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Exterior Painter and Decorator South London

South London is a highly urbanised area and as such, despite cleaning up its act over the years, pollution still remains in the atmosphere. Pollution and weather are the enemies of the exterior of all buildings, and regular steps should be taken to ensure they are protected. The key to protecting your South London Property correctly requires two things, correct preparation, and good quality materials and workmanship. Here at Bulger Wicks, we understand how to correctly clean and prepare a wide variety of exterior surfaces. We also provide our team of professionals with the highest quality tools and materials. This coupled with their many years of experience and their dedication, results in the very highest quality finish imaginable.

Whether your South London property is made of brick, stone, wood, metal, or a mixture of some or all of these materials, we have the expertise and highest quality materials to get the job done right, first time, leaving your property looking great, and fully protected for years to come.

Commercial Painting and Decorating South London

Interior Painter and Decorator South London

There are many reasons why people may wish to have the interior of their property decorated. It may just be tired and in need of some TLC, or the owner may be planning to sell the property. Either way, it is essential to bring in the professionals. We can all hold a paintbrush and some of us can even hang a bit or wallpaper, but none of us can attain the finish that true professional painters and decorators can. Believe it or not, doing it yourself prior to putting your house on the market, can actually cost you thousands. Particularly in London, a poorly decorated property could sell for up to 15% less than a professionally decorated one. DIY really is a false economy in this case, as the extra value of the property is far more than the cost of professional decorating services.

So, if you are getting ready to sell, or just need your home refreshing, we are the company to call.

Interior Painter and Decorator South London

Commercial Painter and Decorator South London

Anybody who has ever had to work in a dirty, unkempt environment, be it an office, a factory, or a shop, will know that the atmosphere that sort of surroundings creates, can quite literally amplify that Monday morning feeling many fold. What many business owners don’t appreciate, is that trying to save a few pounds by putting off redecorating far longer than they should, actually costs them many more pounds in other ways. Workers in a light, bright, clean environment are happier in themselves and will undoubtedly work more efficiently.

Transfer the same scenario to a retail environment, and you are affecting your customers and the likelihood of them stepping foot in your store, let alone spending money. They say people eat with their eyes, well it is equally true that they shop with their eyes too. Customers will be enticed into a store if the outside is nicely decorated, and once inside, if the interior is bright, clean, and fresh too, they are more likely to part with their hard earned money.

Exterior Painter and Decorator South London

Painter and Decorator South London Academic Institutions

Academic institutions are all about inspiring students to learn. When considering the state of the decoration in an academic institution, the subjects that are being studied are to some extent irrelevant. Scruffy halls, corridors, and classrooms are anything but inspirational. The right design skills and knowledge, coupled with highly skilled professional decorators, and highest quality materials, can result in an environment perfect for learning.

Colour selection and placement can be key to attaining the best and most successful academic environment. Our team of experienced designers know just what it takes to succeed in creating a place where students don’t just come to learn, but are inspired to learn, and succeed to a higher level than they ever thought possible.

Exterior School Painter and Decorator South London
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