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A checklist for exterior property inspection in Spring

Spring offers a good opportunity to check the external condition of your property, and to plan any remedial work that might be needed. It is much easier for companies such as ours to carry out preventive work early and with the benefit of decent weather.

Here are a few points we recommend that can be useful as a checklist:

Roof: You can quickly check the condition of your roof with the help of a pair of binoculars. Getting up a ladder may be difficult or unsafe, but a visual inspection can usually give you a good idea of whether a thorough check is going to be needed. Points to look out for include dropped, cracked or missing tiles, growths between tiles which might be lifting them, especially around ridge tiles.


Chimneys. Masonry chimneys can be vulnerable to cracking or spalling brickwork, again often visible from the ground with the aid of binoculars. Excessive moss can be a sign of missing mortar between bricks. Anything that suggests water infiltration is important to note..Efflorescence on bricks (resembling white powder) suggests potential problems.

Exterior Walls. Stucco or brick walls often develop problems first under eaves and near guttering downpipes. Water stains normally suggest that gutters are not moving water away from the roof properly, so getting the gutters cleaned should be a priority,

Windows. Gaps or leakage around windows are a cause of water ingress, leading to damp problems inside and decay (rotting) of wooden frames. We use the Repair Care International system for wood repairs, which comes with a solid guarantee.

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