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Commercial Painting And Decorating

Adding house value by redecorating

Estate Agents sometimes refer clients to us for redecoration before properties are put on the market, to help achieve the best price.

Depending of course on numerous factors, we have been given estimates that resale price can be increased by between 2% and 12% when a house is redecorated prior to sale. That is certainly enough to expect that redecoration should pay for itself.

This is particularly true in London: latest figures from the agents say that asking prices in London are continuing to rise, with a 10% increase over the last year.

There are many resources and experts to consult as regards colour and decor choices from a viewpoint of re-sale. Most favour safe, light, neutral colour schemes, on the basis that they provide a blank canvas for buyers to project their own thoughts.

Our viewpoint is that detail really matters. When someone has lived in a property they often automatically overlook small imperfections. Buyers with critical eyes, looking for the first time, will often have their attention drawn by them. If a buyer sees a gap in the woodwork, or some faint discolouration in paint, they may imagine, even subconsciously, that is caused by damp or some other serious problem.

Of course, we’ll be happy to quote for your redecorating, whether or not you’re moving.

For enquiries, call on 020 8994 4455, or email me at [email protected]

With best wishes

Marlon Bulger
Production Director Bulger Wicks
Tel: 020 8994 4455

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