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Preserving house values


We are not about to add to debate about property values in London following the Brexit decision. But there is sensible advice that will help to protect the value of your property regardless of market conditions, and summer is the ideal time to think about it.

Exterior woodwork, if not well protected, can be very costly to repair or replace. We see some properties in the capital with woodwork many decades old and still as good as the day it was installed. On the other hand, some properties as little as ten years old have the beginning of rot and water ingress.

The difference is far from complicated – it is simply good quality paints applied with thorough preparation, and then well maintained.

The paint industry now produces coatings for the oil and gas industry with 40-year lifespans in the harshest imaginable conditions. House paints are not that strong, but ten years is far from impossible if the job is well prepared and done well, according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Expect problems after two years if not.

A proper inspection every couple of years is a very good idea, looking for any cracked or peeling paint, and gloss paint losing it’s sheen. Re-painting at the point can be a simple touch-up and new topcoat, without the need to fully remove failed paint. It is much, much cheaper.

We’re always happy to offer sensible advice and, where possible, come and have a look.

For enquiries, call on 020 8994 4455, or email me at [email protected]

With best wishes

Marlon Bulger
Production Director Bulger Wicks
Tel: 020 8994 4455
PS: As I write, I have just seen the following quote from Jeremy Leaf, a former chairman of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and London estate agent. He says has seen a steady flow of house sales since the vote. “No valuations or viewings have been cancelled and potential buyers have arranged many new appointments.” He says the lack of properties for sale should sustain prices even if transaction levels fall.

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