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About Weathershield paints

We are often asked to recommend exterior masonry paints to clients. In most cases we prefer to use the Dulux Weathershield range, and I thought I should explain why.

First and foremost, longevity is the most people’s prime concern when choosing exterior paint. The quality of protection that it will give is rarely discussed, because most people assume that any paint will do that job reasonably well. While that is somewhat true, all paints have different formulations and some perform much better than others.

There are very good quality paints available from manufacturers like Sikkens, Crown, Sandtex, Leyland and of course from premium brands such as Farrow & Ball. We work with all of them, but usually we find the Dulux Weathershield range gives the best combination of quality coverage, colour range, toughness and price.

Like most of the alternatives it uses acrylic resin, which can withstand extreme weather conditions for up to 15 years. It also has good UV Resistance, which maintains colour and provides protection against cracking, flaking and peeling. Weathershield paints also incorporate a micro-porous (breathable) paint film that allows moisture and air to be released, whilst preventing rain from penetrating and damaging walls. Its flexibility is good, allowing minor imperfections including hairline cracks across different surfaces to be covered.

Its drying time of 30 minutes means we have to worry less about changeable weather, and from experience we’ve found that its mould and algae resistance is effective..

Exteriors such as the one above, which we painted more than 5 years ago, can continue to look this good for many years.
We’re always happy to offer sensible advice and, where possible, come and have a look.

For enquiries, call on 020 8994 4455, or email me at [email protected]

With best wishes

Marlon Bulger
Production Director Bulger Wicks
Tel: 020 8994 4455

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