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Love Or List

Love it or list it: Improve or Move

Whether you want to love the house you are currently in or you want to sell your home, there are small improvements you can make so that your home looks and feels better.

Many of us are on the fence and can’t decide: to spruce up your current property or to sell your house.

Either way, let’s be honest, no-one wants to live in a house with old wallpaper, unfashionable paint colours or pealing parts of the décor. It is easy to keep putting it off and not getting it done, but it doesn’t need to be a long, expensive journey.

Whatever the reason for needing to decorate, it is always good to give your house a once over and freshen it up and call in the experts. It will add value to your home if you are trying to sell it and improve your morale if you are looking to stay.

Even small changes can transform your home into a peaceful stylish retreat either for yourself or for your buyer. You want an eye catcher of a property but mainly and most importantly somewhere where you feel happy.

Even if you have no plans to sell your home right now, you’ll want to make improvements on a somewhat regular basis in order to maintain a stylish and modern appearance.

So what can you do? Easy, here are a few tips to improve your home no matter what you decide to do with your property:

* Spring cleaning, even if it isn’t spring. Your property will almost certainly be more attractive with some general sprucing up and cleaning.

* Cut the clutter. The Konmari Method may definitely help to de-clutter a space and to make it feel and look fresh. Less is definitely more these days.

* Renovating old or peeling paint /wallpaper makes a big difference. It shows you love and care for you home. Maybe even choose a striking modern style of wallpaper or on-trend grey paint colour.

* Touching up paint on door frames and on skirting boards, removing dirt or scruffy paint.

* New cushion covers or new rug can help to make your home more cosy and attractive.

* Putting in new storage so that the space feels more organised and streamline.

* Bring the outside in. Greenery helps to make a home feel welcoming and colourful. A few nice pot plants can make a simple touch.

Redecorating is the most popular home improvement and giving your home a lick of paint and doing some general touch ups can be done at a very low cost. Fresh paint in modern colours can go a long way to giving your home a new lease of life, so do not be afraid to pick up the paintbrush.

It can be fun to create in your home, but at the end of the day it may just be easier to call a professional painter and decorator who will do an excellent job for you. And they also give you advice if you are short on ideas.

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