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Office Decorating

Renovating your office to increase productivity

How do you make a comfortable environment for everyone in your office and increase efficiency? Well, here are our tips for renovating your office to increase productivity.

We all have those days where work can be a bit of a struggle and entering into the spirit of things can be hard. So, how can it be made easier?

To get the best out of your staff you want them to feel motivated and happy. Morale is important. So how do you boost the staff morale so that they feel productive and energetic at work?

Steering away from drastic actions like engaging a work psychologist, there are many simple things that can make a big difference.

For example: a little kitchen or coffee machine, a fresh fruit bowl, and treats of course are a lovely way to make your staff feel appreciated and wanted. But sometimes more needs to be done to the actual office space itself. The last thing we want is to sit in a dark, cold, uncomfortable office all day.

Plants, a sofa or a nice seating area for break times is a good idea. Looking at how the office space itself is set up: making it look brighter, modern and fresh can lift spirits and increase work production.

Office layout

Creating an open plan work-space can make the room lighter and make your staff feel like they are not just sitting in a little box on their own, excluded from the team. Open plan is a way of bringing in more natural light to the space as there are less walls and doors in the way.

Natural light                                                          

Daylight does a lot to not only lower your electricity bill, but studies show that having a workplace that’s filled with natural light helps to reduce workers’ stress levels, and even lower their blood pressure.

Small things like clean windows make your space feel brighter and fresh.  If you don’t have many windows for natural light, then try to use LED lighting to create a natural effect. No one wants to sit under a fluorescent spotlight or old strip lighting. Not only is that distracting but it is also unhealthy.

Temperature just right

In an office full of people, computers and printers working away, it can get hot and stuffy quickly. However you also don’t want to sit there freezing from the full force of air conditioning either. Using a good temperature control system so that everyone can work comfortably is important. This can help improve not only work production but also the general health of your staff.

As far as temperature is concerned, don’t forget how important plants are to a space. They offer a natural form of climate control because they help purify the air around. Plus they make the space look more alive.

Fresh colours

Dark and oppressive colours are not really suitable for an office environment. A splash of bright colour or interesting and lively pieces of wallpaper can create a fresh, inviting space for employees. This is probably one of the easiest ways of renovating your office to increase productivity. And it usually won’t cost an arm and a leg.

If you want your employees to feel creative, make the space reflect that. You want to inspire them to produce their best. So it’s your job to inspire them.

Help your employees concentrate on their work in a comfortable environment. Show them that you appreciate them and watch them work away like busy bees.

Happy workers make happy customers. Happy customers and staff make a happy boss.

If you need any help with your Commercial Decorating  to renovate your office to increase productivity, then give us a call. We are the professionals. Calling in the experts can not only help you get the decorating job done quickly so not to lose too much production time, but they can give you new ideas you may not have thought of.

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