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Ideas with wallpaper

Recent years have seen a revival in the use of wallpaper, particularly for feature walls and to complement plain painted walls.

Well done, the effect works well and avoids a starkness that plain flat walls can create.

The range of wallpapers available is vast, from organic materials to advanced plastics, along with a revival of handmade traditional paper. They can be very suitable for both contemporary interiors and period properties. Many of the best papers now available come from Farrow & Ball, Zoffany, Laura Ashley, Sanderson and Graham and Brown (click on the pictures here to see their websites).

As with anything in decorating, the devil is in the detail. Well prepared and hung, you will see nothing but the uninterrupted pattern of your paper.

But the human eye is remarkably sensitive to small irregularities, which draw attention. So whilst wallpaper can help to cover some imperfections in walls, it is far better to apply them once bumps and holes have been professionally flattened out.

Preparation of walls includes straightening out uneven surfaces and making sure the surface is sound and free from damp. Then we put up a good quality lining paper, hung horizontally to avoid the joins being visible in the finished product.

When the lining paper and its adhesive are properly dry the final layer of paper is hung. Depending on the thickness of the paper a roll is usually about 10 metres long, so each roll will provide about 3 full length drops of an average height room, allowing for pattern matching,

And for all of your decorating – whatever the finish – please call us now on 020 8994 4455.
With best wishes for the new year
Marlon Bulger
Production Director
Bulger Wicks

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