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Popular and cost-effective home improvements – survey

A recent study of home improvement trends from Barclays gives some interesting pointers to cost-effective home improvements.

Over half (53%) of UK homeowners choose to make improvements to add value to their homes rather than move to a new property, and home improvements add on average £31,000 to a property if sold within 12 months.
The Home Improvement Report 2015 is based on a survey of 2,000 householders.

It found that flocked wallpaper, woodchip wallpaper, and artex ceilings are among the most unpopular choices. Pebbledash, linoleum, and synthetic wood are also unloved.

The worst choice of the last fifty years, according to the survey, was avocado bathroom suites.
Lime green was found to be the most unpopular colour to paint a house exterior, followed by purple, orange, red and yellow.

A designer kitchen was the most desirable home improvement, followed by an en-suite bathroom.

Neutral colours, as advised by most TV home improvement shows, came through the survey without criticism.

With summer here it is peak time for exterior house decorating – whatever the colour.

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With best wishes for the new year
Marlon Bulger
Production Director
Bulger Wicks

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