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Wallpaper Or Paint

Wallpaper or Paint

Wallpaper or Paint

Redecorating a room can completely change its character and the way we feel when we spend time in it. Just the redecorating process itself can be hugely satisfying, feeling almost like a fresh start. A common question asked by many when planning to decorate a room is “wallpaper or paint?”. There are quite a few things to take into consideration when making the decision to ensure a good quality and cost-effective finish.


If you are starting with a bare wall, preparation doesn’t need to be taken into account, otherwise it can be a key consideration. Although some people do, it is not advisable to hang new wallpaper over old. Removing old wallpaper can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but it is necessary for a good quality finish. Conversely, in general, painting needs a lot less preparation than wallpapering.


When considering durability and suitability of paint versus wallpaper, a few things should be considered, not least what the room or area is used for. There are some very durable wallpaper types available that can fend off wear and tear from children and work well in high traffic areas. Many wallpapers are even suitable for wiping down. High moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms are not so suitable for wallpaper. The damp atmosphere will affect the adhesive and cause the paper to peel. These areas should be painted in a suitable mould resistant paint.


A key consideration for most of us when planning to decorate is cost. On average, paint costs less than wallpaper and is quicker and easier to apply. The real cost kicks in if we employ a professional decorator. Many of us can’t hang wallpaper well. Getting it right without air bubbles or folds is really tricky. Painting lends itself much more to DIY decorating and hence has a lower overall cost in most cases. Don’t forget that in both cases, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean cost effective. Thin wallpaper is notoriously hard to hang, making higher wastage more likely and thin paint will need more coats.


We all get things wrong sometimes and there is nothing worse than standing back after hours of decorating to find that the colours or wallpaper style in the room just don’t work. Going back to the drawing board can be a pain either way but painting over the wrong colour with another colour of paint, is far easier than stripping the new wallpaper off all over again.

Let there be light

If you have a room that has been painted in very dark colours and you want to brighten it up, wallpapering will almost certainly be the best option. Light, bright wallpaper can be hung straight over the dark paint whereas numerous coats of undercoat or primer will be necessary to lighten it using paint.

So, the question of paint versus wallpaper is never an easy one to answer, but these tips will help the decision-making process. Don’t forget of course, the final answer may be “both” as many have one papered feature wall, complemented by appropriately coloured paint on the remaining walls.

If you need any help with wallpapering or painting your house – give us a call. We are a professional residential and commercial painting and decorating service at your disposal.

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