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What is quality in paint?

We are sometimes asked about the difference between brand-name paints and cheaper alternatives.

Although marketing plays a part in pricing, the differences are important. It is far from just being marketing hype.

Vinyl and Matt

Paint is composed of Pigments (for colour and coverage), Resins (for strength), Solvents (to make the paint liquid) and Additives (including things like fungicide).

Resins give paint a degree of sheen, but they also tend to highlight imperfections on the wall. Generally, the higher the sheen, the more durable and scrubbable the paint. Flat wall paint looks good but the cheaper versions aren’t washable.

The quality and ratio of component parts affects the price of the paint. Cheap paints may have no or little fungicide, and so are more prone to mildew. They probably have cheaper quality, and less volume of pigments and a higher percentage of solvents, so they will cover less well. They will also degrade more quickly as ultra-violet light hits the surface.
High-quality paints have more total solids (pigments plus resins) and fewer solvents than lower-quality paint. So while the two may go on with the same thickness, when the solvents evaporate, a high-quality paint leaves a thicker, tougher paint film.

Low-cost manufacturers don’t really have a brand name to worry about, so they are less concerned with quality.

We are a Dulux recognised partner, and we receive a very high level of technical advice when we need it – and we are more than happy to make enquiries on your behalf. Of course we also use other manufacturers products, but we’d never advise going for the cheapest on the market as it is almost always a false economy.

When you are ready to start thinking about your next decorating job, please call and we will give you proper unbiased advice.

For enquiries, call on 020 8994 4455, or email me at [email protected]
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